capitol trikke tour $90/person

Bureau of Engraving & Printing

Holocaust Museum


Albert Einstein Memorial

Viet-Nam Memorial
Lincoln Memorial

Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial

​Jefferson Memorial

Martin Luther King Memorial

World War II Memorial

The Ellipse

Lafayette Park

Willard Hotel

Tidal Basin (Cherry Blossoms)

Tour highlights

Due to different tour routes and plans, this is a general list of monuments and building you may pass.

Whether you are a tourist in DC or a local who wants to enjoy Washington DC's beautiful weather, we have the essential equipment that gets you from point A to point B. You can choose the 4 seat eCar, or enjoy the independence with a Trikke, make traveling an easy adventure. Explore all the wonderful activities and monuments that DC has to offer.


Our equipment lets you complete tourist activities in a timely manner. Travel around DC in a breeze without the hassle of tired feet, and whining children. Make touring DC fun for kids!

Exploring the city in an entire day on foot is impossible, but we make it possible when traveling on an eBike.


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White House

Blair House

Washington Monument

Reflecting Pool

National Mall

Botanical Gardens


Washington Harbor

Air & Space museum

Grant Civil War Memorial

National Theater

Lincoln Memorial

Korean Wars Memorial


We are currently planning tours according to group size and equipment desired (eCar or Trikke tours). The duration of the tour can be anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. 

With our eCar tour, you are able to take pictures with the convenience of an open car and a driver who can pause for quick photos. This tour is perfect for family members with children who aren't able to drive a Trikke.

Trikke tours allow you to be closer to the monuments and take photos with the ease of stepping off the Trikke. There are plenty of opportunities for quick stops by little eateries along the tour. 

Soak in the rich culture, atmosphere and experience that DC has to offer with our tour guide. Our beautiful landmarks and extensive history make touring our nation's capitol intriguing and fun!


Capitol eCar Tours is the best way to enjoy the city views. Have a tour guide drive you around in our electronic car with a 360 degree view.

Our eCar tours run at 10AM, 2:30PM, and 7PM. Enjoy the morning breeze, the afternoon sun, or the peaceful night experience. Our eCar tours will take you around DC without the hassle of having to drive or deal with DC traffic. Allow your guide drive you around in our eco friendly car as you enjoy the summer sun. Our evening tour will allow you to view the monuments and memorials while they are lit. The moonlit experience is one of a kind

capitol ecar tour $90/PERSON

Our Capitol Trikke Tour will take you along the path of the national mall, up around the white house, and back down around the monument and tidal basin.

Whether you enjoy our 10AM morning tour, 3PM afternoon, or 8PM evening tour, time just flies while visiting each site. Riding our Trikkes is a easy way to visit the Washington Monument and the memorial sites up close and in person. Our tour guide will tell you fun facts about each site and is willing to snap a few photos for you along your tour. You will have an amazing time learning facts about each memorial, while having a blast riding the Trikke. Don't let it's looks overwhelm you, the tour on this equipment will be an experience you will definitely enjoy.

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